Monday, July 31, 2006

Rhymes with Smell

Weezy & The Swish


Mel Gibson strategically selected a perfect week for his anti-Semitic tirade. Just as the war in the Middle East is escalating, our hero, Mel Gibson journeyed deep into the dangerous bowels of Malibu, bravely detonated his charge and suicide bombed his career. Yes, Mel Gibson successfully blew up his own career and took with him the careers of countless Jewish agents, publicists, and attorneys. In heaven, Mel’s career will be met by the careers of 72 actor/waiters who will spit in his food.

Weezy & The Swish

Riley Newton, Laura Swisher, Chrissy Haberman, Me

Our Podcast, Weezy and The Swish this week features fellow female comedians, Chrissy Haberman and Riley Newton. We had a bunch of fun, so give it a listen and check out this video blog which takes you behind the scenes and into the bathroom to answer the question, “Are we really out of toilet paper?”

Stand-up Comedy

Comedy Open Mic magic has reached a fever pitch in Goleta, California. This week, my friends Fini Goodman and Ari David joined me on stage at this trendy night spot. And by “on stage,” I mean “next to a pool table.”

Kids Comedy

Our Kids Comedy program explored an Improv Game this week in which the kids and teachers were challenged to speak with authority on random topics. I can only attest that we tried.

Have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Random Pictures

There's a fire burning near my house and if I could take a picture of an acrid stench burning my nostrils, I would. In leiu of that, here's a photo taken out my kitchen window of the hill between me and the fire...

I was at a beach recently and there were a lot of cool looking kites. So, I took this picture...

Then, I got closer and took this one...

As a palette cleanser, here is me and my siblings as kids. I often still feel as goofy as I look in this photo. (I'm the blonde, upper left)

My nephew, however, is significantly cooler than I was at his or any age... Check out his airodynamics...

This is an under age bird waiting for an older bird to show up and buy him a wine cooler.

Ladies, it looks like Fry's Electronics is the place to shop for men this summer. I was the only woman I saw there when Ian and I went in for some external hard drives.

Weezy and The Swish

Our guest this week was Ari David. This guy can talk, so if you enjoy listening to talking, this podcast would be a good choice.

Geoff Wurm returned to comedy and in honor of the event, his parents bought him a puppy which he has named Betty Page.

Video Blogs

Comedy Nights in Goleta, California. Step into the glamour.

Geoff Wurm's triumphant return to comedy is ussured in by the unconventional and borderline odd teaching methods of Ari David.

Have a wonderful week!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Beach Boy Talk

I skipped a week of blogging due to busy-ness, so to my avid reader, I apologize. If you are wondering what could possibly be more important than blogging I would have to say, only scrapbooking or blogging about scrapbooking and yet I didn’t blog, but why?

Beach Boys' drummer, Mike Kowalski stands in quiet awe of John Cowsill on drums.

Ian Broyles carefully avoids stepping on youngsters while filming.

Well, The Cowsills documentary is occupying much of my time and thought. Saturday night we traveled to the city of Alhambra to film John Cowsill who plays with The Beach Boys. We also got to meet and interview Mike Love and Bruce Johnston of The Beach Boys.

Dan and Ian plan their next shot and/or grope imaginary women.

We had backstage access to film and watch the show, which was absolutely the best and John Stamos was there too which made it extra sweet because every Beach Boy tune was punctuated by the piercing scream of someone yelling, “Uncle Jesse!!”

Mike Love, John Stamos and Bruce Johnston who seems to be wondering who the hell let me onstage.

The experience was three video blogs worth of fun. But I can only show you one due to overstepping my welcome.

Alhambra made their City Hall available to the band for “backstage” purposes and I explored long enough to find a city council meeting room where Ian used the timer on his camera to take these photos. Please know, that we have the utmost respect for the city of Alhambra and their city council and we left things exactly as we found them. (or we were drunk enough to think we did)

In the podcastosphere, Laura and I enjoyed a quiet show this week with no guests and we still had a ton to talk about because we are women.

Please have a wonderful week!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Girl Talk

Me and Amy

Independence Day

We had a sweet little 4th of July at Casa del me from where we could see six or seven fireworks displays dotting the horizon.

Yes, I took photos, but they were designed to pale in comparison to Genius Boy, Ian Broyles' photographic essay of the evening… see below.

Me, Amy, Jakey, Joann

He set his camera shutter to remain open for 15 seconds during which time, he hit the flash on my camera and the result is some gloriousness in photo form...


Weezy and The Swish

Me, Laura, Kyle

Kyle Cease was our guest on the Weezy & The Swish Podcast this week and although he spent a lot of time whispering into the mic with Laura and having fun at the expense of my dignity, it’s still one funny Podcast, especially if you too enjoy at good laugh at my expense.

Kyle Cease On Weezy and The Swish

Girl Talk


Before Kyle arrived, my co-teacher, Fini Goodman and I waited for kids to show up for comedy class, but alas, this being a fourth of July weekend, they did not arrive so Fini and I jumped at the opportunity to engage in some good old fashioned girl talk. I have not yet determined whether or not girl talk is interesting to a) men or b) women or c) anyone who wasn’t actually involved in the conversation or d) even people who were involved in the conversation. But this state of uncertainty did not deter me from video taping the event, editing it for shame avoidance and posting it here.

Girl Talk I

Girl Talk II

Miranda Cam and Nick Cam II

at long last... I finally got my hands on the footage Nick and Miranda shot at Barry Cowsill's memorial in Newport, R.I. So now, I am proud to present...

Miranda Cam...

And Nick Cam II

Nick Cam I can be seen here.......

Have a wonderful week!