Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Change is an interesting word. It’s short and yet it’s laden with an array meanings. It can be a verb, a nown, a request, a plea, a need, an aspiration, a handy necessity for parking or laundry. Change can be slow, it can be sudden, it can be radical, it can and should be correct if you hope to ride the bus.

Very little stays the same for very long so change is compelling, it's essential, it's inevitable. When documented, it's fascinating and when it comes to children, it’s adorable.

Please enjoy these videos of three comedy kids as they change before your eyes…

Geoff Wurm - Currently 17
Devon Suraco: Fast Forward

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Jeremy Backlar - Currently 17
Jeremy Backlar: Fast Forward!

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Comedy Nights

Change is good if it means moving your Comedy Night from a Wednesday to a Friday at Rocks Nightclub, 801 State Street in Santa Barbara. The new Friday Night show is getting a sneak peek on April 27th, taking May 4th off for a private party previously scheduled at Rocks and returning long and strong on Friday, May 11th and from that Friday forward. (until something changes) However, we are certain of enough stability to have created a flier.

Weezy & The Swish

Big change has been visited upon us. My beloved podcasting partner, Laura Swisher has taken a job at C-Net and is moving to San Francisco. We’re hoping that once she settles herself there, we will be able to continue recording the show utilizing the genius of our production team, synchronized day planners, and high speed internet connections.

While Laura looked for apartments, Kyle Cease filled in and brought his friend, John Roy. It was loud and fun.

This week Laura was back to pack, and now she’s off to the Bay and while she scurries to her new life, my good friends Larry Morgan and Ian Broyles will hang out on the podcast, possibly with Famous Songwriter, Diane Warren, although that woman is crafty. She won’t commit. (however she had no problem committing to Oprah)

Lois’ Birthday

My adorable cousin Lois celebrated a big birthday with a house warming party in San Francisco. My two sisters, my brother and I went up for the festivities and I photo docked the grand affair it so that Aunt Gerry and Uncle Art can see what a beautiful party Lois threw.

And then Lois took this picture of us siblings so that Mom can see all four of her kids in one easy glance.

Be happy, safe and well and make good changes. (suggestions, not orders)

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Will Blogging Or April Cheer Me Up?

Well it has now been April for eight days and that has yet to work, so I will at last compel myself to blog. The other cure for gloom is, of course, activity and that I have been pursuing with vigor.

Weezy and The Swish

Also helpful in blues busting is having Gary Owens guest on your podcast and/or looking at Phil Spector’s hair. I have indulged in both.
Arleta Owens, Gary Owens, Siggy, Me, Fritz, Laura

Wall of Hair

The legendary Gary Owens is such an excellent guest, Fritz Coleman was drawn to the event and together, Laura, Gary, Fritz and I enjoyed one of our finest podcasts to date. This was quite cheering as, I trust, it will be for you, should you choose to listen.

Other recent Weezy and The Swish guests have included Jessica Golden, Roy Cruz, Shawn Pelofsky and Cecily Knobler.

Ian Broyles took these wonderful photos and you can see more of Ian’s work by clicking over to his FlickR Site.

Masquerade Ball

I attended my first masquerade ball at The Andalucia Hotel in Santa Barbara, hosted by our friend Justin Michael. If you’ve never attended such an event, I can report that a rooftop full of formally attired party goers in masks is both captivating and creepy. Masks are also an excellent conversation starter.

Me: (Muffled from behind mask) I like your mask.

Fellow Ball Guest: (Muffled from behind mask) What?

Me: Did you say “What?”

Fellow Ball Guest: Did you say, “Did you say what?” I like your mask?

Me: What?

But I did remove my mask long enough to take some pictures. Thank you, J Mike for hosting such an elegant event. It was a blast.
Alfonso's lovely wife and me are somewhere behind these masks.

Comedy Nights

Bricks has been fantastic on Thursday nights with great comics gracing the stage such as Adam Richmond, Dave Hanson, Ruben Paul, Tig, Laura Swisher, Jill Kushner and Stephanie Escajeda.
Tig was so dynamically potent on stage, she was asked to sign a woman's breast.
Photographic evidence that Tig did, in fact, sign a woman's breast.

At Rocks, we’re moving to Friday nights starting on April 20th with a dinner comedy show starring Adam Richmond. You can make reservations by calling 805-657-8202 and look for updates right here online.

Paul Ogato was the rage on the stage at UCSB

Additionally, our Comedy Nights production team of: Alfonso Ochoa, Andrey Belikov and Jeff Urea has begun producing a comedy event every Saturday night at Embarcadero Hall in Isla Vista at UCSB. The first show was Saturday night starring Paul Ogata and Chris D’elio. It was a smash.

Roof Building

No one here is questioning the importance of a good roof over your head, however, when that roof is being built on the house next door to one’s bedroom and the roof building commences at a time of day known as “The Crack of Dawn,” it can be rather disruptive. So, here’s to good roofs and a good night’s sleep to all.
So, yes, blogging will cheer me up. Thank you.