Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Conundrum

A blogger’s lament: When your life is full, you have the most about which to blog and the least time within which to do it. Perhaps one reason why Anne Frank wrote such an amazing diary is that she had the time.

I currently have 35 minutes to do this. Am I up to the challenge?

Fini and Ari

Let’s start with Fini and Ari’s wedding. It was held at Ari’s family estate. So big it has a name, guards let you in, the pool boy is considered “Upper Management” and its polar icecaps are said to be melting.

I was a member of the wedding, a time consuming honor I had here-to-fore managed to avoid. However, for Fini, I was thrilled to take part. I came nowhere near the Deb Cox level of bridal assistance. Deb, Fini's maid of honor was heroically key in pulling this event together.

Deb and Isaac
I would, however, rate my own wedding performance as stellar on a scale of me. I mastered the “left, together, right, together” step, I did not faint and I did not trip. Home run.

But, it was Fini and Ari’s day, (although I did take pictures of other people too)
Fini and Ari, first dance


The Aisle to the Aisle
Let's back up a couple of steps. There was the shower, held at my house, but Deb did all the work. It was a pink shower. Pink balloons, pink candy, pink cups and plates and Deb even made bottles of Aqua Fini water.

Then there was the bachelorette party. Wild and scandalous.

None of us were wearing panties.

Back to the Wedding

The Bride looked perfect

Ari wore a top hat. and carried a cane. What more need I say? Fini was glorious. She had her Audrey Hepburn/Princess Grace carriage cranked up and she walked down the aisle to the Theme from Star Wars.

If you’re reading this and wondering which parts I’m making up, everything so far is true except the thing about the polar icecaps.

It was a gorgeous wedding.

Comedy Nights

I haven’t blogged about this in a little bit, so by way of update, Thursday Comedy Night at Bricks Cafe in Santa Barbara is hot! It’s packed, it’s a blast and if you’re thinking about coming, come early. Thank you comics, Bricks and Santa Barbara for making this show so great. We love doing it.

Kids Comedy Club
Four kids performed and earned ties at Hallenbeck's last month.
Brandon Pepper, Adrian Wolf, Devon Suraco, Paul Herera

One of the evening's highlights was opening for a Swedish rock band called Cirkus.

Video Blogging
I did not have much time to video blog this month but I managed to take some 4th of July footage and put together this little piece. I call it "Brownies" and it stars my cousins Aaron and Emma Bock.

Have a safe, healthy, fulfilling month!

P.S. I missed my 35 minute deadline by a lot of minutes and didn't finish this until tomorrow which is now today.