Monday, April 03, 2006

Vlog On

Partners, Bobby Miyamoto, Jordy Fox, Devon Goodman and I are proud to announce, "Comedy Nights," a spectacular, new comedy experience, making its debut in Santa Barbara at the Hotel Andalucia. Headliners include Zach Galifianakis on May 5th and Jeff Richards on May 12th.
The Cowsills Documentary is on the fast track with no shortage of Cowsills heading into town this week for filmmaking purposes. If you have always dreamed of viewing an actual Cowsill in person, check out Pickwick's Pub in Woodland Hills on April 7th and The Fox and Hound in Studio City on April 8th.

My week was tarnished by a small measure of despair when I was unable to advance past the first round of the "California's Funniest Female" comedy contest in Orange County. The stark reality of such a blow causes one, through deductive reasoning to conclude that since I am a Californian and I am female, I must therefore, not be funny.

If you are easily cheered by the failure of others, you'll enjoy this video blog of me whining to innocent kids I'm supposed to be teaching...

Later that day, Fini Goodman drew a touching portrait of her boyfriend, Ari David and Laura Swisher and I podcasted with our guest, Ethan Prochnik... click and enjoy...

Oh, and this is very cool. Our podcast, Weezy and The Swish debuted as a featured comedy program on iTunes. It looks like this... Check out this week's show and Thank you for reading this far.