Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What is Private?

Most of what's going on in my life is too private to blog about. You know what would be amazing, is if you could blog to yourself and nobody else gets to read it. Just you. I heard that something like that is coming out soon, after the release of the iPhone, and it's going to be called, "The Diary." It's crazy what they'll think of, isn't it?

I kept a diary as a girl and its contents are very explosive. They serve as inspiration that even a 12-year-old child who writes with the functional illiteracy and penmanship of a seven year old child, may one day grow up to write with the poise and expression of a 13-year-old child... as exhibited by me today in this blog.

I never did solve the mystery as to whether or not my Mother had "Iron Poor Blood," but she is fine and healthy today and may have simply been suffering from "Four Screaming Brats Syndrome" which generally runs its course.

Santa Barbara Comedy Nights

With the new and sweet stage configuration, Comedy Nights is the talk of State Street on Thursday nights in Santa Barbara. Folks are pouring in for great food and comedy at Bricks Cafe, 509 State St. Summer is a great time to check it out because (no offense intended to our raucously, inebriated collegieate friends) with the loud, drunk kids gone for the Summer, you can actually hear the comedians, rather than the trashed blonde at the bar screaming about how much she loves Apple Martinis and Golden Retrievers.

Here's our latest Video Highlights Reel starring Matthew Tate, Alfonso Ochoa, Brian Swinehart, Andy Kozel, Me, Laura Hayden and Adam Richmond...

Weezy & The Swish - with Brett
Brett Gilbert has become the Semi-Regular-Permanant-Guest-Co-Host of Weezy & The Swish. This week we celebrated, Nerds, Dorks and Geeks, our theory being that all truly cool people are confidently proud of their inner or outer Nerd, Dork, Geek, or all of the above... what we are calling "The Nerk." As we scan history, we must note that those who have given the most to the world were/are Nerks. Men and women such as Bill Gates, Stephen Spielberg, Albert Einstein, and of course, Urkle.

So celebrate the Nerk in you with this video blog featuring: Jackie Kashian, Joe Wilson, Lauri Roggenkamp, Kevin Campbell and Brett Gilbert...


I have a confession. I vainly Vanity Pressed my own book, Journals. There are a few reasons why I did this. 1) It was a birthday gift from my Mother 2) It contains the writings of my Father with excerpts from a journal he kept while fighting in World War II and 3) It's a good book and I want to share it. My goal is that even more people read the book than read this blog. So I'll need at least seven.
A week ago, I received this information from the fine people at Book Surge, my Vanity Publisher...
Congratulations! Your title is now print-ready in the BookSurge system. Yourbook will be available for purchase on amazon.com/, http://www.abebooks.com/,http://www.alibris.com/, and http://www.borders.com/ in approximately 1 - 2 weeks. Your book's listing will appear on http://www.booksinprint.com/ and http://www.globalbooksinprint.com/ in approximately 2 - 3 weeks.
I love waves. So, recently, I filmed some as they swirled around my feet...

Be safe and well!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Long Distance Podcasting Relationships

My podcasting partner, Laura Swisher has moved to San Francisco. Laura makes up "The Swish" portion of our podcast title, "Weezy & The Swish." She has taken a job at C-Net, where you can watch her streaming videos daily at TV.com.

Laura and I make an lovely podcasting team and we care very much for one another, but long distance podcasting is not the same. We call her and we spend some time on the phone catching up and sharing a laugh. However, Laura is often distracted and busy and I very much want her to be able to get on with her new life.

Meanwhile, in the studio, I've tried to fill the void by seeing other podcasting partners. It's pleasant and it briefly dulls the ache, but then they leave and I'm left alone once again, living with the loss of Laura.

The Swish and Weezy, in happier times.

They say that at a time of grief, we are not supposed to make large life-altering decisions. So, although I am "spending time" with other podcasters, we will not change the name of our show, "Weezy & The Swish." We instead, will just change the punctuation... to "Weezy, and The Swish?" This leaves a precious space for hope and although life continues to hurdle forward, blazing new paths of joy and discovery, the familiar shall remain a fond and sweet longing.

Podcasting Guest-Hosts

Our Guest-Swish for the past two weeks has been the brilliant, Brett Gilber. Brett is a Renaissance Man of sorts. He's a Comic/Actor/Artist/Surgeon. I'm not sure if he's liscenced for the surgery but he has pierced and he will likely pierce again.

Guest Engineer, Kevin, Me, Brett and Tom Clark

This week's guest was Comedian, Tom Clark. Last week, Brett and I welcomed two great young comics to the podcast... Taylor Williamson and Clinton Pickens. (see top photo) Both were lively programs.

Brett drew this sketch of Laura and I and then took a photo of it so that you can see it below...

What's happening here? Is there a stake in my heart?
Two of my favorite photos appear below. First you'll see Brett, posing at Rocks Cafe in Santa Barbara with a Dirty Dancing fan so devoted, she tattooed the image of Patrick Swayze onto her back.

Note that Brett's face exhibits the same degree of glee as that of another recent Podcast Guest Host, Shawn Pelofsky when posing in Afghanistan with an oblivious, buffet grubbing President Clinton.

Comedy Nights

At Bricks, 509 State Street, Santa Barbara, we have busted many butts, including our own, to move the stage out of the window and into a more comedy friendly, central location, complete with back drape and spotlights. The results are stunning as is comedian Isaac Giron, pictured below.

Come to Bricks on Thursday Nights and see for yourself.

Kids Comedy Club

Check out our latest video installment of Kid Comedian Highlights

Comedy vs. Karaoke
Which is funnier. You decide. It's a smackdown as Comedy takes on Karaoke in Orange County at Martini Blues.

My Shortest Video Ever

It's called "Two Things That Are Large." It however, is small, coming in at 17 seconds.

Happy Tenth Birthday, Jakey!
Have a beautiful week and life, Love, Weezy