Friday, August 17, 2007

New Day, New Blog

Don't let the title fool you into thinking that I blog every day. I am far tp busy doing things to blog about to spend time blogging. Oh, but I do have some stuff to dish/vent today.
Comedy Nights

Rocks in Santa Barbara cancelled our comedy show!! It's hard to imagine since I had such a healthy, committed involved relationship with the owner. (that is sarcasm)
Since the Rocks show began in November, I have had three conversations with him. He never came to a show. He just barked orders from a distance and as much as I would like to have broken up with Rocks before it broke up with me, the important thing is that we are not seeing each other anymore which is a very good thing. If you have any use for 4,000 Comedy at Rocks fliers, give me a call.

Comedy at Bricks is great. We're having a blast. Thank you, Bricks and Wally for being wonderful and supportive. Life and comedy in Santa Barbara moves on.
Boys & Girls Club Movie!

What else is stirring? The Burbank Boys and Girls Club and I made this short film. It's quite good and we are proud of it. This is a pardoy of the MTV Show, "Scarred." It's called, "Scarred Straight."

I experience my first Fiesta in Santa Barbara while learning Final Cut Pro and I'm experimenting with what it will do so although there's some distortion here when it's loaded onto You Tube and I'm not quite sure what's causing it or how to fix it,
my hope is that you will still enjoy it.
Talk it Over

Talk it Over is our new podcast. It stars Lee Jay Berman (see above) and Diane Dimond, (see way above) and me (not pictured). Our latest episode is quite gripping. Check it out, if you'd like.

A Ball Story

My nephew, Jakey went to a Dodgers' Game praying for a foul ball to sail his way. Nothing was flying even close. Then suddenly, from off the bat of a Dodger, it came hurdling towards them. A cluster of arms and hands from surrounding rows around reached skyward towards the baseball, as my sister Amy ducked her head, mutterring, "I do not want to get hit with a ball."

The soring orb plummetted into the assortment of outstretched fingers, bouncing, bobbling, bounding, yet, refusing to be grasped by the arms of the eager, and instead jumping free of their grip and landy soundly and firmly in Amy's unwilling lap.
She is now being scouted by The Dodgers (Thank you, Ronnie, for that joke) and Jakey is going home with a ball.
Have a triumphant week!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Is it Blogworthy?

It's hard to always know. A blog is an online diary which is a tricky concept because "diary," tends to inherently mean, "nobody cares about this but me," and "online," tends to inherently mean, "everybody can read this. " Delicate waters to navigate for sure.

Here's an example: Do you care that I got a new bike? How could you? Why would you? But, it's my diary and my bike and I care. Are you still reading?

Do you care that three childhood friends are in town. Celine, Michelle and Anne, some with respective children. Anne's daughter, Stephanie is now a radio personality in St. John, Nova Scotia. James is going to college in the fall. Sarah is a cheerleader. This is all huge to me! Are you still reading?

James cheer's Jakey's ability to fly.

If you're about to doze off, I hate Bush and think that Hillary's too bossy and Barak is blowing it... Now, are you still reading?
If you are, this should put an end to that. I am excited because I'm learning to edit video with Final Cut Pro. Of course, I am still a beginner but here's a little movie I just finished. It's highlights from a Comedy Benefit at the Santa Barbara Jewish Center, starring Kyle Cease.

Nothing? You're leaving now? Hey Rumsfeld! Everything is your fault. Not just the Pat Tilman friendly fire cover up! How's that for insightful, meaninglful blogging? Are you back?

Our new podcast is called Talk it Over. And it's all about conflict resolution. Co-Hosts, Lee Jay Berman, Diane Dimond and I (see photo above) are tackling pretty much everything short of the Middle East conflict. But at least I got to type "Middle East conflict" which is what self respecting bloggers should be doing if they want people to keep reading.

But you're probably already gone. You're not? Do you care then that my friend, Larry Morgan's son, Alex is in a band called Tinted Chain and that they performed Sunday night at the Whiskey? Excellent show. I have known this child all his life and he is quite spectacular, as are his bandmates. Go here, to check out their music. (you can't do that in a diary)

Tinted Chain. That's Alex in the middle on guitar.

If you're still reading, "Hey, come on, Al Gore, get in the race. This is excrutiating. How long are we supposed to wait? We all want you and we don't care how pudgy you are this month.

And now, because I know you're still reading, check this out... it's good, even if you don't care about my new bike or that it's blue and I love it. My friend, Eric Carmen's live album is released today. It's actually a Raspberries reunion concert, captured at the House of Blues and the reviews have been insanely good. The album is called, The Raspberries Live on Sunset Strip. Here are video highlights...
Live on Sunset Strip - Promo

Add to My Profile More Videos

Here's Eric's Myspace Page. The liner notes on the new album are written by Bruce Springsteen! It was sold out at Amazon on day one. (more on the way) A N D... John Lennon loved this band!

How cool is that?
Are you still reading? If this were just a diary, here's where I would have come out of the shower and caught you reading it and pretended to be outraged when really I had left it out on purpose to let you know that I like you or make you watch my Monopoly movie...
What? No, cuz you can't do that in a diary. Only in a blog so, here's the major difference between a diary and a blog. With a diary, I have to pretend to be annoyed if you read it and with a blog, you have to pretend to be interested if you read it... And, you have to pretend you liked this Monopoly Movie (more of me learning Final Cut but pretty cute) Or, better still, you have to not see this but, if I ask you, pretend that you did.

Have a safe, healthy, beautiful week!