Monday, March 10, 2008

Obama Selects Running Mate

That is my God Nephew, Dylan Winters (on the right) and he will bring in the all important "Skater Vote."
Here are more photos I like...
Me and Boyfriend, Ronnie. Photo taken by Hannah Galagher at her birthday party. She's 22!

Dwayne Perkins (he's "that guy" on the Verizon commercials) on stage at Stateside Stand Up in Santa Barbara (every Tuesday at 9pm. Come join us!)
After the show, comics Al Del Bene and Jeff Emmett Short visit with cute comedy fans
My neighbor, Sage Kemmerley celebrated her birthday at Stateside Stand Up.
Stateside Standup Co-Producer, Andrey Belikov on stage from the catwalk.

Andrey with Hannah Galagher. (she's 22!)

Hannah, on the board of Hillel at UCSB, with a little help from me, co-produced a comedy show with the Muslim Students' Association called, "A Jew, A Muslim and a Hindu Walk Into A Bar." The Jew, the Muslim and the Hindu were portrayed by Comedians, Iliza Schlessinger, Max Amini and Tarun Shetty.

Sound check, starring Sheperd and Faheem at the UCSB comedy show

Ronnie at the Golden Gate Bridge

Very beautiful walkway north of Bodega Bay
Have a lovely week!


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