Monday, February 26, 2007


Comedy Mixer

Saturday night we had the big Comedy Mixer followed by Sunday night’s Oscar Party, followed by Monday’s digging of Cheeto dust out of the carpet.

Anonymous Comedian corrupts Geoff Wurm

Laura Swisher corrupts herself (on The Reelz Channel)

The mixer was a blast with standup workshop performances by Fini Goodman, Ari David, Laura Swisher, Geoff Wurm and… I think that’s pretty much it.

Fini Goodman learns that everyone is 3% funnier in front of a fireplace.

Teen Comedy

Here’s the pressing question: Is standup comedy good for kids? If you thought it was, watch this video and it may change your mind…

Or very possibly, this photo essay may change your mind...

Kid Comedy Graphic Novella: Starring Tyler and Danora

Tyler is angry at Danora.

Good thing his after school program posted this helpful reminder.

Now Tyler knows that thinking and breathing is good and stabbing is bad.

Weezy & The Swish

Weezy, The Swish and Maria Bamford
While it’s very true that Laura and I are quite funny, last week's Weezy & The Swish guest, Maria Bamford may be the funniest woman alive and if you think that’s not true, watch this video and it may change your mind…

I can honestly state that Podcast 88 is the dishiest Weezy & The Swish EVER

What Else is Going On?

Well, Fritz Coleman’s new one-man-play will be performed every Sunday, starting in Mid-April at the No-Ho Arts Center in North Hollywood, so in anticipation of this, we have launched him into My Space. Go ahead and give him a shout. He’s not quite sure how to delete inappropriate comments yet so have at it until he figures it out.

SB Comedy

In Santa Barbara, things at Bricks are Rocking, which is a little ironic because things at Rocks are… bricking? Yes, that should be a verb shouldn’t it, but I'm not going to tell you what it means because I don't want to get too dishy, so in order to find out, you'll have to come to Comedy Nights at Rocks. The point is, didn’t Ellen do a great job hosting The Oscars? I think she was wonderful.

Earl Skakel at Bricks in Santa Barbara

Bobby Miyamoto at Bricks

Dan Smith at Bricks
Moral: Come to Bricks on Thursdays and Rocks on Wednesdays! Mention this blog and you get a free hug.
Have a fulfilling, enriching, peaceful week!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Boys & Girls' Club of American Idol

Boys & Girls’ Club of American idol

I am very proud of the kids from the Burbank, California Boys & Girls Club. Together, they created a wickedly scathing parody of this season’s American Idol audition episodes. Few holds were barred and few notes were hit as the kids went after, Simon, Randy, Paula, Ryan and the guy who tried to sing ABBA, among other interesting "singers."

Check this out, not because I stayed up all night editing it, but because it’s really, really cute...

Weezy and The Swish

The past three installments of Weezy and The Swish are almost as much fun as a love struck, diaper wearing astronaut. Check out episodes 84, 85 and 86 with guests Jill Kushner, Graham Elwood and Richard Kuras.

With Jill Kushner

With Graham Elwood

And Episode 86 is yet to be uploaded as I publish but soon to be found right here at

With Richard Kuras
We have also begun broadcasting Weezy & The Swish live via every Saturday at 5:00 pm Western Time, which allows listeners to hear the show as it’s being recorded and also call in with questions such as: “Why are you doing this show?” And, “Will you please stop?”
When we're done, we still post the show as usual so if you do miss the live broadcast, you will also have the chance to miss the on-demand version at Weezy and The Swish dot com.

Santa Barbara Comedy Nights

We are busily preparing for our big Valentine's Day extravaganza at Rocks this Wednesday, February 14th, featuring the great, Cash Levy and special guests, along with free candy and decorative, heart shaped appointments.

In fact, fun is often had at Rocks every Wedneday and Bricks every Thursday. Please enjoy these photos, presented as evidence.

Tom Clark, on stage at Rocks

Tom Clark being enjoyed by audience members at Rocks

This is how Comedy Nights Team Members Alfonso Ochoa and Andrey Belikov prepare for showtime at Bricks.

This is how comedian, Laura Swisher prepares for showtime at Bricks.

This is how Comedian, Wyatt Cenac prepares for showtime at Brick's.

Wyatt Cenac onstage at Brick's

Wyatt Cenac being enjoyed by audience members (such as my cousin, Morgan Wilson) at Bricks.

Fun With Photos

Comedy Kid, Geoff Wurm left the house never dreaming he would find a comic who could rival his sense of style. I don't remember this guy's name but I do remember that I had to take a picture.
Have a warm, love-filled week!