Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Adam Sessler on Weezy and The Swish

Weezy and The Swish
It was a big week for G-4 fans as their god, Adam Sessler ascended towards my home to grace our podcast, Weezy and The Swish, with his loving presence. Adam is the host of X-Play, a crisp and funny look at the world of video games. This world is populated by throngs of devoted citizens committed to life, liberty and the pursuit of the next level. They look up from this dogged quest long enough to eat, sleep and watch X-Play.

My own personal video gaming is performed on a very fringe level. I have mastered Tetris, experimented with The Sims and dabbled in Karaoke Revolution. Adam and his followers, however, exist on another plane, into which I was able to peer with much interest. Come peek along with us, as Adam's erudite orations on gaming and life spill into two video blogs.

Comedy Nights

As we head into June, please enjoy our newest flyer and make plans to see some kickin' comedy in the SB.

Greg Fitzsimmons and Morgan Murphy train comedy's next generation

This past Friday, Greg Fitzsimmons and Morgan Murphy brought it and crushed it comically. Greg, in fact, brought his entire family which includes two very tiny children who got a little taste of amplification and may struggle with the cravings for some time. The predisposition for this addiction does run in their family.

Ben Franklin is grateful to have invented the bifocals so that he could peruse a flyer for Comedy Nights in Santa Barbara.


Ojai sunset rooftops from a patio

My family struggles with cravings for Ojai, California. It's very hard to tear them away from the eating and the shopping but with time and prayer we're hoping for the best.

My Mom and me

My sister, Joann and me

Lady Brunch

Laura Swisher found the noisiest, busiest, most populated restaurant on any given Sunday morning in Los Angeles to hold her lady brunch. I arrived late, but with a camera... enjoy...

And I am hoping that you too had a wonderful week.

Monday, May 22, 2006

The Cowsills and Other Things

Documenting The Cowsills

Our Cowsills documentary project travelled to Cannes recently to introduce itself to the international filmmaking community. With this poster and a very powerful trailer as calling cards, we trust it is making many good friends... or at least a few My Space friends that will top 8 it and comment back.

Comedy Nights

Todd Glass and Jimmy Dore graced the stage of Comedy Nights at Hotel Andaulcia in Santa Barbara and the night was alive with comedic magic.

Weezy and The Swish

Our guests, this week are Cecily Knobler and Eric Carmen. But before we get to that, we go prowling through the neighborhood in search of Laura and Paula Abdul.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Comedy Nights and Comedy Kids

Weezy and The Swish with this week's guest, Paul The King of TV

Cry For Help

My blog was hacked. Maliciously or accidentally, I do not know. What I do know is that approximately 80% of this blog, into which I have poured my life and my thoughts for the past year is gone.

I have blogged once a week since last July. If you scroll through, you'll see large gaps where once pages of fascinating and amusing content dwelled.

If anyone reading this has a clue as to what happened, why it happened and how I can retrieve my blog, please post a comment.

With a heavy heart, I blog on, baring no good reason to trust that these words too won't be snatched inexplicably from the internet. My life and my world, though tossed and thrown, have continued to move forward and so too must I and must this blog...

Partially Amusing (Possibly Inappropriate) Anecdote

Last week, I was in Borders and as I passed Biographies and Memoirs, I heard a man moaning loudly, in glorious ecstasy. I thought, "Either someone has found a really good book or I'm about to be met with the unholy image of two unattractive people mating in the Science Fiction and Fantasy aisle.

I was very wrong. It was a retarded guy massaging his friend. Now what can we learn from this? Well, first: Things are not always what they seem. And second: you shouldn't have to be retarded to moan in ecstasy at Borders. Their hot chocolate should be reason enough.

Comedy Nights

Friday night brought Jeff Richards to Comedy Nights at The Hotel Andalucia. He was a smash and if you'd enjoy a peek backstage, click it...

Weezy and The Swish

Our guest... Paul, The King of TV. Our recurring video blogging theme... Laura is late.

Kids Comedy Club

We were a little distracted by a Fair taking place in the canyon below my house. It's not that funny, but it is neat, so check it out.

I now offer this up to the Blogger gods in a solemn prayer that you will keep this blog entry safe within your loving arms. In Google's name, we pray.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Comedy Nights Debuts

It's all about the journey isn't it? On Friday night, our journey led us to the big sneak preview event for Comedy Nights at the Hotel Andalucia in Santa Barbara. Producing and hosting a stand-up comedy show is not the path for everyone, but for fans of stress and anxiety, this is the trip you want to book.

Oh, I'm jesting, it was a blast and despite the glitches and the occasional moments of abject terror everything went very smoothly and we made just the sort of mistakes that you need to make in order to learn and to suffer deep and scarring humiliation which will serve to humble you for life.
In an additional episode of hard lesson learning, I received a speeding ticket on my journey home for three reasons: I was tired. I was hungry. And I was driving really fast.

I would like to acknowledge my partners, Jordy Fox and Bobby Miyamoto and our co-producer, Devon Goodman for pulling this enterprise together. Also, thank you to comics, Jason Gillearn, Patrick Ney and Matt Iseman.

Friday, we're welcoming Zach Galfianakis and Brody Stevens. Tickets are scarce but you may be able to obtain them on the Russian black market or by clicking here.

Check out this self indulgent backstage video of our sneak peek night


On our podcast, "Weezy and The Swish" (number 37 on iTunes Top 100 Comedy Podcasts) we welcomed Comedian, Stephanie Escajeda, who came with her musical accompanist, Buffy on keyboards. A sense of anticipation dappled with irritation filled the air as Laura was late once again and our guest, denied driving privileges for reasons revealed below, was even later...

This week's podcast features guest on head

This saga is too big for just one video. Click below and watch as Stephanie stands on her head to the haunting soundtrack of Buffy on keyboards...


And this week's Kids Comedy Club featured Ari David leading the children in an exercise designed to break down barriers, dissolve inhibitions and rouse the neighbors...