Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Some Stuff That Happened in June

Where Was My Website?
Well, my website has been down for a few days due to “server problems” and the number of complaints I received rose today into the single digits. Al Gore (the inventor of the internet) is calling the loss of my website, “A convenient truth.”

However, as of this writing, my site appears, at long last, to be back online. It’s triumphant return was heralded by... me and 3-7 inmates.

Adobe Premiere Elements
Yes, it was a week of wrenching change and adjustment. I attempted to learn a new video editing program called Adope Premiere Elements. It’s more advanced than Windows Movie Maker and by “more advanced” I mean, “over my head.” With much help from Matt Hartley, who created an online tutorial for me, I was able to get this movie up on You Tube. It’s a new episode of Backstage with Weezy & The Swish featuring in-studio guest, Michelle Biloon

Fritz' New Play

Fritz Coleman debuted in his new play, “Tonight at 11,” this weekend at The Sierra Madre Playhouse. The play, much like Fritz, is completely brilliant and because I think so, I took a picture with my camera phone…

The Family Cowsill

The ten minute Trailer for our documentary, “The Family Cowsill” debuted at the Newport, RI film festival where it appeared as a short film. It was such a hit it was selected to be screened at the Rhode Island Film Festival in August. We are currently sifting through 100 hours of footage in pursuit of our goal of making an entire movie. This we will do. It will be a great movie.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Little D Makes a Movie

Scott, Devon, "Jimmy," Steve

Devon, Steve and Scott Make a Movie

Ian Broyles and I helped Devon Suraco make a little movie this week.

Ian Broyles

The film, entitled, “Jimmy, NO!” is loosely based on a beloved joke from Devon’s standup comedy act. It delves into the controversial topic of dummy tossing and its impact on American youth. Click below for exclusive, behind the scenes footage…

Weezy and The Swish

Laura, Graham, Me

Laura returned from China for this week’s episode of Weezy and The Swish. Our guest was comedian Graham Ellwood, who, coincidentally would have been our headliner the night before at Comedy Nights in Santa Barbara, had we not been sucker punched by The Hotel Andalucia. Graham proved to be one of our more hilarious guests and I can strongly recommend that you click on the video below for verification.


My nephew, Jakey in Estonia

With 1,259 views and 19 comments, “Estonia,” is one of the most popular videos on my You Tube page.

Estonia from inside a church

What I’ve learned is that the people of Estonia are quite lovely and very proud of their country.

My sister, Joann with one of the fine people of Estonia

I took this video with a small digital camera last year and uploaded it before I had learned how to edit my videos but it holds a simple charm and for that I credit the cobblestone.

Congratulations, Brittany!

My friend, Brittany Dryden graduated this week from UCSB and everyone who loves her is very, very proud!

Me, Brittany

Have a wonderful week!

Monday, June 12, 2006


Happy Birthday, Jakey!

Comedy Kids: In Search of a New Home

This week has kicked the ass of my emotions to the curb. The whooping began on Saturday when Joey Sorice cancelled the kids portion of The Jimmy and Joey Show at The Sportsmen's Lodge. It’s my belief that he did this because of his ongoing dispute with Ari David, the boyfriend of my assistant teacher, Fini Goodman. It has nothing to do with me or the kids although it would be cool if it did. Then I could say, Joey cancelled the show due to his ongoing dispute with 11 year old, Tyler Connaghan who has a more powerful deck of Yu Gi Oh cards and more game with the ladies.

Comedy Nights: The Truth Behind the Travesty

Additionally this week, Santa Barbara Comedy Nights was sucker punched by the Andalucia Hotel and abruptly cancelled. With a gathering sea of momentum, rave reviews, a growing family of fans, and a killer line-up for June, the hotel attempted to extort money from us and cancelled the event 24 hours before a scheduled show. It’s an ugly story, but if you love a good, rollicking tale of woe, click below…

Comedy Nights will return to Santa Barbara. We are in search of the right venue and anxious to get back at it. Stay tuned for details as they unfold…

In far better news, Happy Birthday, Jakey! My nephew turned nine-years-old and hosted a kickin’ party with ten or 12 of his very loud, very mobile friends. First, we built bears at “Build a Bear.”

Angela, Mom and Me (I am the only grown-up who built a bear)

Then we went to see the movie “Cars” and after we had gotten all of the kids into the theatre, brought them their snacks and settled them into their seats my mother said, “Are they all here?” And I said, “I don’t know. It’s dark and their small.” (They seemed to be all there when the parents came)

After the party, my sister, Amy took four naps and five Advil

On the podcasting frontier, Guy Brannum filled in for Laura once again and we hosted comedian, Brent Weinbach who was a wonderful guest. Check out behind the scenes highlights…

Most importantly this week, Matt Sigman, Little Devon and I sang Country Karaoke. Yes, you read me correctly and if you turn the volume way down, it may be safe enough for you to click and listen…

Have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Comedy Starring Me

My friend Ian Broyles video taped my set at Comedy Nights this week. I don’t like watching myself, but you can if you fee like it.

Me, Marc Maron, Eddie Pepitone

Marc Maron and Eddie Pepitone performed to a sold out crowd. It was pretty sweet. Check out these highlights.

Sold out Crowd

Marc Maron

Eddie Pepitone

In Weezy and The Swish podcasting news, my co-host, Laura Swisher is in China. She has been trying to dig her way there since childhood, gave up and bought a plane ticket. This week, sitting in for Laura is the equally lovely Guy Brannum from G4. He brought with him carefully selected co-workers, Casey Schreiner and Paul Bonanno. We had good fun together.

Photos by Ian Broyles