Wednesday, December 12, 2007


It's good to be busy and thus, I am good.
We Played Marbles

In association with the Greater Santa Barbara Jewish Federation and along with Jennie Reinish, I am directing and producing a documentary for the Santa Barbara Film Festival called "We Played Marbles: Remembering a Stolen Childhood." The film chronicals the lives of 11 Santa Barbara area Holocaust Survivors. The poster is by my sister, Joann Palanker.
Official Blurb:

"We Played Marbles: Remembering a Stolen Childhood" A Jewish Federation of Greater Santa Barbara film by Louise Palanker and Jennie Reinish.
Santa Barbara area Holocaust Survivors illuminate the rich European Jewish culture that was systematically destroyed by Nazi tyranny. Through the stories of the few who escaped we come to know how much was lost. 11 local Survivors recount their earliest childhood memories of their lives in Hungary, Austria, Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Germany. They share their memories of how their lives were abruptly and forever changed, of the dramatic and deeply sad events that transpired, of the loved ones who perished and of the courageous ones who pulled them to safety. These stories are infused with the wisdom and the strength that is born out of building life after loss.

Ten Minute Trailer

Get Well, Gela. You are Loved!

Stateside Standup

Kyle Cease on Opening Night

he big news in Santa Barbara Comedy is that Andrey Belikov and I have a new Tuesday Night 9pm show at Stateside Restaurant and Lounge. Stateside is an amazing place to see a show. I would use words like gorgeous, posh, classy and elegant, but I just used them and I don't really want to type them again.

Opening night was a blast for everyone with the possible exception of headliner, Kyle Cease who was punched in the stomach by a drunk girl. I was wondering, "How how hard can a drunk girl punch?" but apparantly, pretty hard because Kyle would never hit a woman but he did scold her, mock her and then have her murdered. (please note, Drunk Girl's Mom, that this is a joke, but for the love of God, check her in for 3-6 months because she is a danger to both herself and comedy shows.)

The Zoo

Zoos are full of animals and tiny kids, both of which are cute and incontinent so go if you can. It's fun. We went and saw giraffes.

View From The Zoo
However, it's good to note that if you've got enough bread in your hand, you don't need the zoo to see animals.

Grand Ol' Opry

Throwing bread to attract the performers at The Grand Ol' Opry is frowned upon but if you, as I do, love country music, you need to go at least once. It was amazing!

Have and Cherish beautiful, healthy, peaceful Holidays!