Friday, October 28, 2005

Random Blogging and Random Photos

Random Photo # 1 ) Me, my little nephew and his little toy. The little toy, Peechew, will evolve into a Peekachew. My nephew will evolve into an adult.

I haven’t blogged in awhile and I’m feeling pressure, which is fully self-inflicted to blog. But blogs are more fun to read with photos, right? So, I think I’ll dig around for some neat photos, because here’s the thing... nothing very interesting is happening to me right now. So, in lieu of an intriguing life about which to blog, I will include wildly random photos.

Random Blog Item # 1) I went to do stand-up Wednesday night at a place called Suzy’s Bar and Grill in Hermosa Beach. It was great because the only performers were a singer/song writer/guitar player and me. So, the singer/song writer/guitar player did a few tunes and then I went up and did an hour of comedy! This was after The White Sox beat the Astros. I was more routing against the Bushes than for the White Sox, which may be hateful behavior but I’m owning it. And an hour of comedy is the longest set I’ve ever done. There were only two tables of people but they were nice people and they were laughing so it was enjoyable.
Random Photo #2) This picture beautifully illustrates the relationship between my Grandfather and Grandmother. He showed off while she sat there, expressionless, looking at him. Her behavior can be linked to shock treatments for depression in the 60s. His behavior can be linked to him being adorable.

Random Blog Item #2) I began a new session of Join The Band. This time I am with an entirely different band. They are all quite nice. I believe they are two Tonys and a Greg. They don’t want to sing so I will be singing and drumming. This should serve as a warning if you’re coming to the show which will be held on Sunday, December 11th at Cozy's.

Random Photo #3) This is Nibbles, a plastic mouse who accompanied us on our Northern European cruise. Click here to enjoy the journey as seen through the tiny, red eyes of Nibbles.
Random Blog Item #3) Here are more random photos.
Random Photo #4) As promised in an earlier blog, Laura Swisher and I celebrate Clider's 15th birthday at Home Brew in San Dimas.
Random Photo #5) My Mother set a beautiful table for Rosh Hashanah dinner.
Random Photo #6) A cool shot of my brother, Craig standing in the doorway of an Estonian Church.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Beating a Drum

Sunday marked the occasion of my big “Join the Band” debut at Cozy’s in Sherman Oaks. “Join the Band” is an amazing program for kids and adults who want to play in a rock band without the bothersome burden of drugs, groupies or talent.

You join, they put you in a rock band, you practice together for eight weeks and then you perform in front of friends and family.

Now for me, this performance was a momentous event because up until now my family had looked upon my inclination to play the drums as a sort of congenital ailment. Not unlike an unsightly rash to which they had become begrudgingly accustomed and yet still preferred that I cover with clothing or a thick concealer.

As a drummer in my family I was privately shunned and publicly ridiculed. “Louise, stop drumming!” were the three most often hurled words in my childhood home. These words echoed through the house when an icicle fell to earth from a window ledge or when a car crashed into a nearby tree. My drumming was blamed for many things, including Watergate and the cancellation of The Hogan Family. I was forced to drum silently into a pillow, lest any neighbor discover that our home hid the shame of a little drummer girl.
Then I grew up and despite every effort by my family to squelch my natural tendency, I kept playing the drums. I suppose drumming is very much like your sexual orientation. It’s just there. And, I understand that drumming can often be louder than sex but when I’m playing the drums I feel like there’s no time, there’s just motion and music.

Something very special must have happened during the performance on Sunday because I was far from perfect but afterwards, my family was glowing with pride and exuding with compliments and praise. They seem to have come to appreciate the little drummer in me and I believe that now they fully grasp and trust that I no longer live with them so this is far more my neighbors’ problem than theirs.

Many great friends and family members were in supportive attendance: Amy, Joann, Jakey, Sidney and Mom, my cousins, Aaron, Emma, Stephen, Andria, my Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Dave and my comedy friends, Fini and Deb.
When I was a little kid, I would straddle a big green chair backwards, as if it were my drum set and I would bang on the back of that chair (quietly) and play along to The Cowsills and I would imagine that if I were in their family, they would let me play the drums.
My friend, Bob Cowsill was there at the show Sunday with his wife, Mary Jo and I don’t think I can explain what that means to me because I don’t think I know yet.

Do what you love.