Tuesday, January 29, 2008

We Played Marbles

World Premiere
Our documentary, We Played Marbles: Remembering a Stolen Childhood, a Jewish Federation of Greater Santa Barbara Film, Directed and Produced by me and Jennie Reinish, debuted at The Santa Barbara Film Festival on Saturday, January 26th.
It was a very emotional day, checkered with challenge and lit by loved ones.
Stella, Stan, Erika, Helga, Margaret, Fred, Maria, Jennie

The screening of the movie was followed by a Q & A where the Holocaust Survivors highlighted in the film answered questions from the audience. These people are so gracefully eloquent. I was in awe and I am honored to know them.
Amy, Joey, Ruthie, Sidney, Trish, Lee Jay
Jennie and her Dad, Dick Reinish

It was a Rainbow Day which means, everything is going to be OK. Meredith, Ian, Myra and Rainbow.
Jennie and Me on the stage

Craig Smith and Ron at the press breakfast

On a very nervous day, photographic proof that I was bold enough to take a picture of Billy Baldwin at the press breakfast

Me and Ron on a break by the break water

For stress relief, I made this movie. It makes you feel like you can fly, because with the right equipment, you can.

Be well and safe!


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