Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Weezy and The Swish: The First 40 Episodes

Laura Swisher and I launched our Weekly Podcast, Weezy and The Swish on June 13th, 2005 and now, here we are 40 podcasts later, sitting upright, taking in fluids and still speaking to each other. It’s been a tough and beautiful journey. Along the way, much has been learned and beyond the next bend, much is yet to be discovered. And for this, we are humbled and grateful.

Our first several shows featured no guests, just Laura and I getting accustomed to the format and amusing primarily ourselves with such topics as “Jesus in a potato chip” and “Gay Lincoln” and reading passages from our childhood diaries. Who will ever forget the sweet and soulful words of a 12-year-old Weezy who wrote: “Dear Diary, in science today, I saw a live amoeba. It was neat because last time I looked at an amoeba, he was dead.” And the 14 year old Laura, who mused, “Grandma Swisher thinks I’m selfish because I didn’t ask if she wants a sandwich.” Clearly, these two were destined to share their unique voices with tens of high speed internet connected family members.

Yes, this was groundbreaking entertainment and it spilled so naturally from deep within the fiber of our instincts, but when you ask us now if we had any idea those several months ago that we were forging a new podcasting frontier, I think we would have to tell you that we did.

In August of 2005, on episode 9, we welcomed our first in-studio guest, Bob Cowsill who provides our theme song, “She Said to Me.” In a stroke of genius and also because we couldn’t get him to leave, Bob stayed with us throughout the entire show. This ushered in our “trademark feature,” of booking only guests who posses the personality and the cool and to hang with us for 90 minutes.

Consequently, we have had to issue some very painful, “Sorry, NOs” to Lindsey Lohan and Katie Holms, among others, but the harsh, naked truth is that tears will dry and the show must come first.

Laura, Me, Ron

In September, guests were becoming more frequent as we welcomed movie critic, Cecily Knobler and Michael Jackson Prosecutor, Ron Zonen.

Laura and Fritz

By October, we were on a tear as guests such as: Guy Branum, Eric Schwartz, Blair Butler, and Fritz Coleman began stopping by.

Ben and Kyle


Matt, Me, Marty, Laura

Diane, Michael, Me, Laura, Snacks
(Although, if you are reading this, Robert Redford or Barry Gibb, we still need a guest for Saturday)

Weezy and The Swish: The First 40 Episodes: have ushered in fan acclaim beyond our wildest initial scope and vision. Loyal listeners have created a message board,
artwork, songs and apparal.
It doesn't get too much cooler until you get your own lunchbox.

Thank you to all who were a part of our first 40. Keep coming back, guests and listeners, and you too, Laura, it will only get better.