Monday, August 28, 2006

The Triumphant Return of Comedy Nights

Comedy Nights

Comedy Nights returned to Santa Barbara and entertained an appreciative throng of supporters who gathered in and around The Northstar Coffee Company on State Street, causing somewhat of a pedestrian humanity jam.

Erik Griffin, Kyle Erby, Marc Mealie, Mark Sussman, Me, Ari David

The house was packed, as was the outside patio where comedy fans gathered to enjoy a laugh and/or the buttocks of the performing comedian. It was a fantastic show, starring Marc Mealie, Mark Sussman, Kyle Erby, Erik Griffin and me. We will be featuring a great lineup of comics at Northstar every Thursday night. The show is free, the comedians are funny and the coffee is delicious. Check out the video...

More Adventures in Comedy

What's often funnier than stand-up comedy? Chickens wearing hats, our president trying to pronounce words and Karaoke. This is why Martini Blues in Huntington Beach is such a pleasant destination. It offers stand-up comedy and Karaoke side by side in adjoining rooms. (however, seldom chickens in hats or bumbling world leaders)

Performers rarely co-mingle. The comedians walk in and turn left, the singers turn right. The mood is much like party politics with very little effort to reach across the aisle.

But often times, we must look to our youngsters to find both wisdom and a chance for change. Kid comedian, Devon Suraco boldly dared to sign up for karaoke. In his footsteps, I followed. It was a night that few at Martini Blues will soon forget. Enjoy...


My cousin, Stephen, his friend Dev and their kids, Aaron and Austin and I play in a band. Well, thus far we rehearse in a band, but this week, I handed my little digital camera to Stephen’s wAndreandria and I think she did a pretty good job of capturing our progress...

Weezy & The Swish

My good friends, Fini Goodman and her beau, Ari David were our guests this week on Weezy & The Swish. You'll find the podcast right here... It's pretty fun and gossipy. You'll like it.

Ari and Fini. What are they doing? Some sort of borderline illegal mating ritual.

Please have a wonderful week!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Podcast, Teach, Comedy (used as a verb), Blog about it

Weezy & The Swish

Our guest on the Podcast this week was comedian Jessica Golden. Laura called her, “A force of nature.” I’m searching for words. I think you should watch the video and search for your own words while I tell you that a) She’s intense b) She’s controversial and c) She’s convinced and/or hopeful that all women are bi-sexual. You should probably watch the video…

Kids Comedy Club

Jake Tourigney

Our second week at Hallenbeck’s in North Hollywood was excellent fun. Not deterred by a less than stellar turnout, two of our biggest stars, Jake Tourigney and Devon Suraco brought it and crushed it. Check out some highlights…

Band Practice

I play in a band is called “Spitvalve,” made up of my cousin, Stephen on guitar and lead vocals, his son, Aaron on trumpet, their friend Dev on bass, his son, Austin on keyboards and me on drums and backup vocals. Here we are in rehearsal, as filmed by Stephen’s wife Andria. (be kind, it's just a rehearsal)

It's a pleasure to be able to play in a band without the burden of travel or groupies or talent. (Just me. The guys have groupies. I mean talent.)

Me and Aaron

It’s a treat to be able to play in a band without the burden of travel or groupies or talent. (Me, not the guys… They rock)

Friends from England

Joann and Sharon Godblesser

In High School, my sister, Joann exchanged families with Sharon from London. Joann went to live with them for half a summer and then Sharon came to live with us. We’ve all been friends ever since. We call her “Sharon Godblesser,” (pronounced with a British accent) because that’s how her Dad refers to her in conversation.

Sharon, her husband, Jeremy and their son Darrin came for a visit and we had a blast. If you’re in London, stop to see them. They’re fun.

Have a wonderful week!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Kids Comedy Club's North Hollywood Premiere!

Kids Comedy Club

The world was rich with promise and possibility this week as The Kids Comedy Club embarked on a new adventure. (Disclosure: The above poster was created by Ari and probably reflects the clutter within his mind) We launched a great show at Hallenbeck’s Coffee Emporium and General Store in North Hollywood. The youngsters will perform every Saturday night at 8:00 pm along with our favorite family-friendly adult comedians. The kids in this master class are teenagers so by “family-friendly” I mean edgier than Thomas the Tank Engine but nothing your children will have to explain to you in the car on the way home.

Three great kid comedians kicked off the new endeavor: Jake Tourigney, Jeremy Backlar and Geoff Wurm. Thank you, kids and parents for helping us give teens a great place to hang on a Saturday evening.

The Kids Perform

The Adults Perform

Laura’s Karaoke Birthday

Laura Swisher celebrated her birthday at a karaoke bar in Korea Town at 10:00 pm on a Friday evening. I know it doesn’t sound very safe so I armed myself with my video camera. Nobody wants to rape a woman with a video camera. Most rapists are looking for a more vulnerable victim like someone with a fingerprint kit or just a really good memory for faces.

Matt Champagne grabs us by the heart with Barry Manilow's haunting lament to father/son discord, "Ships."

Laura’s party was held deep within a private, darkly lit room where many people could have passed out and not been found until dawn. The combined potency of tequila and karaoke amplification can be quite intoxicating. I set my camera to a very wide shutter setting which slows down the action and makes us look like you’re drunk, but it will give you a taste of just what went on and just how badly we sing.

Caution: Turn down the sound

Weezy and The Swish

Our guest co-host was the dashing Guy Brannum who filled in for Laura who was away in her apartment. Why she couldn’t drive 20 minutes to be actually present, I’m not sure but it was her birthday so we’ll give her the luxury of a sedentary afternoon, nursing a night of very loud, off key, drunken singing. (not Laura per se but the entire party, in general)

So, Guy helped me host the show and we enjoyed our in-studio guest, Actor/Comedian Matt Champagne, who does not like sit-coms, but enjoys appearing in them. He’s never even watched his episode of Will and Grace which I have probably seen twice because a) I love Will and Grace and b) Will and Grace is usually on.

A peek behind the scenes

So, have a wonderful week!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Mel Got Married

Melinda and Tony's Wedding
My friend, Melinda got married to Tony on Saturday in Laguna Beach. The wedding was at a beautiful little cottage on the beach and as Melinda and Tony were cutting the cake and posing for the obligitory cake related wedding photos, Mel looked up and said, "I love my wedding."

I think it's very adorable that a bride was able to stop in the middle of something so overwhelming and really enjoy it.

Las Vegas Comedy Festival

I auditioned for The Las Vegas Comedy Festival at The Laugh Factory in Hollywood which was quite an adventure so I video blogged it. Standing on Sunset Blvd. for a couple of hours with fellow hopefuls is a humbling and enriching experience.

I recommend that rather than do that yourself, you watch these videos from within the safety of your own personal space.

Weezy and The Swish

Cindy, Debbie, Laura, Me, Iceman

Our guest on the podcast, Weezy & The Swish was my friend, Rob "Iceman" Izenberg, Premiere Radio's premier parody song man. Please enjoy this video blog which includes the live singing and playing of instruments for your listening amusement and enjoyment.

Have a wonderful week!