Monday, October 30, 2006

Halloween Hater?


It’s Halloween week and I have something very shocking to confess. I don’t like Halloween. Is this like saying, “I don’t like puppies?” I fear that it is. And, for the record, I do love puppies. I just don’t like Halloween. I don’t like scary movies, I don’t like ghoulish décor and I don’t like dressing up in costumes. Halloween’s one redeeming feature for me is candy. I do like candy.

Each year I must resist the persistent efforts of others to get me to dress up. It is assumed, even by those who know me well, that because I’m creative I should adore the costumed festivities and unfettered expressive freedoms that accompany Halloween. I don’t. I like my own clothing. I find costumes binding, bulky, awkward and cumbersome.

One of my two sisters called me this year and said, “Hey, you know what would be fun??? It would be so fun if this year, the three of us dress up as penguins!! Won’t that be cute and fun!?” My answer was, “Yes, it will be very cute and fun if you two dress up as penguins.” Each year, when people ask me what costume I’m wearing, I tell them I’m a Gap mannequin and then I strike a pose.

Weezy and The Swish

Siggy, Laura, Bryan, Me, Ari

Our guest this week was actor/comedian, Bryan Callen. Very smart, very funny guy. For video highlights, click below. And/or listen to the entire show at

Comedy Nights

I’m learning that Halloween is historically a madcap event in Santa Barbara. They begin celebrating very early. As early as last Thursday night. This video will serve as evidence…

This Thursday, at Comedy Nights: Santa Barbara, Bryan Callen will be our headliner at Bricks, 509 State Street and the Halloween antics should still be in full effect. And as much as I don’t like wearing costumes, I am a costume voyeur and I do enjoy video blogging those who wear them.

YoungBloods of Comedy

Jake T., Adrian, Me, Joel, Devon, Rory, Tyler

Click above to see YoungBloods of Comedy Highlights

TylerConnaghan is one of the finest young comedians in our YoungBloods of Comedy teen standup program (see top photo). At only 12 years of age, Tyler was recently cast by my podcasting co-host Laura Swisher to star in an online comedy sketch for AOL’s hot Gold Rush campaign. This is hilarious. Laura wrote it. Listen for her voice and enjoy Tyler Connaghan in…
Celebutante PSA.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Too Busy To Write What You're Reading

Swish, Steve O'Donnell, Weezy

Here's How Busy

Yes, I have been very TBB. (Too Busy To Blog) so I will slap this up lest any far flung family members worry that I’ve lose my thumbs in a typing accident.

I’ve also been too busy to video blog, in fact, I video taped over some wonderful band rehearsal footage and have yet to break it to my co-members. Perhaps this will serve as notice. I’m sorry. We grabbed the camera to capture some Billy Cowsill footage and I had not yet transferred what was on the tape to my computer because, as stated earlier, I have been quite busy. So I apologize, Spitvalve band members. We will do those songs again and even better.

Weezy and The Swish

Our guest last week was Steve O’Donnell, the head writer slash producer of Jimmy Kimmell Live. Steve is perhaps the most humorously articulate person I know, so he was a most excellent radio show guest. I met Steve in the late 80s when he was the head writer for Letterman. I had a nasty habit of sending him packets of writing samples and attempting to gain employment on the Letterman writing staff. That goal proved to be out of reach but in that pursuit I ultimately gained a fine Podcast guest. So, you see how life can work if you open yourself to the possibilities.

Kindly, enjoy backstage video highlights...

This week our guest was comedian, Jackie Kashian and in a recurring theme, I am currently too busy to edit what I video blogged, (look for it later this week). Jackie was a wonderful guest and you should treat yourself to that Podcast.

Siggy, Jackie, Me, Laura, Adrian

Comedy Nights

Too busy to video blog. Our guest was John Ray and he was amazing. Blew the doors off. Not figuratively. He actually huffed and puffed and blew the doors down. It was like a fairy tale.

YoungBloods of Comedy

Jake, Adrian, Me, Joel, Devon, Rory, Tyler

Video Highlights...

This program is getting way too popular. My home is positively infested with children on Saturdays. One of them had the audacity to point out a pile of termite wings in a corner and I said, “That is more annoying than you how, exactly?” I’m wonderful with kids.

However, these youngsters are doing absolutely beautifully at Hallenbeck’s every Saturday night and they are literally, not figuratively blowing the doors off the joint. Many have received citations. New kids to the program include: Rory Stillman, Adrian Mendoza and Kyle Dibiase. Returning to the program after taking time of, perhaps to travel the world and write his memoirs is Paul Herrera. So, I highly recommend that you join us one Saturday evening at 8:00 pm in North Hollywood at Hallenbeck’s to see just how good these kids are. It will blow your socks off. literally, not figuratively so pack a backup pair.

I’m too busy to write anymore. Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Comedy, Webcams and Controversy

Weezy & The Swish

Have you ever heard someone complain about how people say, “I could care less,” when what they really mean is that they couldn’t care less? I would like to shed some light on this growing controversy. “I could care less,” was most likely originally intended as sarcasm.

What I’m trying to say is that I haven’t blogged for awhile and my guess is that you could care less.

Comedy Nights

Thursday at Comedy Nights, our headliner was Sam Tripoli. He rocked it hard and nasty and we were packed but we fought for it. The establishment across the street had installed a go-go dance cage out on the sidewalk with two girls inside, grinding one another. I take it as a compliment because our stage is in the window and our comedians can pull some attention. This was the club across the street returning fire. I would like to see that move and raise them two fat comics dancing in a cage. Please enjoy some highlights from Comedy Nights with Sam Tripoli...

Weezy & The Swish

Ari David and John Roy

Last week, on the podcast, we welcomed Sam Tripoli and this week John Roy. Both were excellent. Additionally, Ian Broyles installed a web cam in the studio and listeners have been saving captures such as this.

We may have to ask them to stop. Please enjoy some behind the scenes highlights from Weezy & The Swish...


Fini Goodman and I talk a little too much because we recently conceptualized something we’re calling “Mark Foley IM Theatre.” It’s a dramatic reading of Mark Foley’s illicitly disturbing IM’s with a former Congressional Page. After filming this and posting it, I feel a deep sense of shame. Whether it stays or goes is going to be up to you. Keep in mind as you watch… I work with children. If this is more wrong than funny, I will yank it down so fast it will make large things spin. WARNING: NOT FOR CHILDREN!

Aaron’s Bar Mitzvah

My cousin Aaron will celebrate his Bar Mitzvah on November 11th. (My birthday… thanks, Kid I have often dreamed of spending my birthday in temple) Together, our band, Spitvalve will play live at the reception. The band is My cousin, Stephen, his son Aaron, their friend Dev and his son Austin, plus me. Here we are in rehearsal this week.

Youngbloods of Comedy

The YoungBloods enjoyed a pretty decent turnout at Hallenbeck’s on Saturday night. Our friend, Vance Sanders stopped by to host. Devon, Geoff, Tyler, Adrian and Jake T. performed and you can catch some of it right here…

This last video is rather soothing and hypnotic. What I did is probably illegal but the result is quite pretty. Kids, don’t film and drive.

Have a spectacular week!